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Warmly congratulate our company on obtaining the honorary certificate of "Jiangsu high tech enterprise"
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       In 2019, our company (Jiangsu aorun new materials Co., Ltd.) obtained the certificate of "high tech enterprise" issued by the state. It means that our company has been promoted to a national high-tech enterprise. National high-tech enterprises are a precious authoritative affirmation for any enterprise. With our winning the title of national high-tech enterprise, our brand influence and position in the chemical industry will be further established.


       As an enterprise in the chemical industry, our company provides customers with high-quality technology and services in the chemical industry market, and has obtained patent certificates related to fine chemicals for many times, and has a number of mass production technologies. Unremitting pursuit of high-tech research and development is one of the driving forces for the success of aorun new materials. This time, it is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, which is the best witness of our brand influence in the chemical industry.

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