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h人才理念Human resources

Talent concept

1、 Instrument Engineer 01

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the technical management of electrical and instrument of chemical equipment;

2. Be responsible for the implementation of chemical equipment and instrumentation schemes and processes;

3. Technical support for the installation, commissioning and operation of on-site electrical instruments of chemical equipment;

4. Sort out and archive the process technical documents of design, R & D, commissioning and other work;

5. Prepare operation manual, operation instructions and other relevant documents.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in machinery, mechatronics, automation and other related majors;

2. Understand the professional knowledge of machinery, electricity, etc.

3. There is no limit on work experience. Fresh graduates can be considered.

Location: Chuzhou, Anhui

2、 Instrument Engineer 02 (Management Trainee / technical management direction)

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the safety maintenance supervision of instruments and equipment;

2. Be responsible for the daily maintenance and other management of instruments and equipment;

3. Be responsible for the planning, organization, implementation and tracking of the planned work of the instrument;

4. Be responsible for the technical management of instrument technical data collection, technical training, technical analysis and technical optimization;

5. Follow up the site, submit the purchase plan of instrument and equipment, and complete the acceptance and commissioning of instrument and equipment;

6. Be responsible for the daily management of team members' performance appraisal and training.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, major in machinery, mechatronics, automation and other related majors;

2. Work experience is unlimited, and excellent fresh graduates are preferred;

3. Be familiar with mechanical, electrical and other professional knowledge;

4. Skillfully use CAD drawing software.

Location: Chuzhou, Anhui

3、 Industrial account sales manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for completing and formulating the promotion and sales plan of industrial lubricants and greases required by the company, and achieving the annual sales target;

2. Be responsible for completing the related work of customer development and maintenance, establishing and submitting customer files on time, and improving the number of customers;

3. Collect and sort out the market information of industrial lubricating grease, organize analysis and submit relevant market analysis reports to guide sales;

4. Be responsible for establishing and optimizing department processes and systems to serve the establishment of an excellent sales team;

5. Organize and hold relevant department meetings to achieve the purpose of the meeting;

6. Be responsible for dealing with the opinions and suggestions put forward by downstream customers, and timely and effectively solve them to improve the quality of customers;

7. Be responsible for the sales projects undertaken by the company, follow up the relevant processes and progress, and timely report to the superior;

8. Be familiar with the advantages of the company's products, be able to provide relevant technical support to customers, and be able to issue sales product recommendations;

9. Be responsible for completing temporary tasks assigned by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Applied Chemistry, chemical engineering and machinery, marketing, business administration and other related majors;

2. Have independent customer development experience, and be able to cultivate the ability to lead the team, share and train personnel;

3. At least 2 years of relevant sales experience in industrial equipment, consumables and lubricating grease, like the sales of industrial products, and be familiar with industrial equipment and industrial processes;

4. Diligent, passionate, objective management ability, teamwork, innovative spirit, serious, responsible, optimistic and positive towards work;

5. Have good communication, cooperation and execution ability, complete individual and team target sales tasks independently;

6. Take serving customers as the center, adapt to frequent business trips, be good at overall planning, and have timeliness.

Location: East China or South China

4、 International Business Sales Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the market channel development and sales of products, and implement and complete the annual sales plan of the company's products;

2. According to the company's marketing strategy, improve the sales value, control the cost, expand the sales of products in the responsible area, actively complete the sales volume index, and expand the market share of products;

3. Independently handle inquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms and contract signing according to the company's products, prices and market strategies. Coordinate and supervise the operation of all functional departments of the company during the execution of the contract;

4. Dynamically grasp the market price, and regularly provide the company with market analysis and forecast reports and personal work weekly reports;

5. Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers, and independently develop and expand upstream and downstream users, especially end users; Keep good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time, and provide considerate services to customers in time;

6. Collect front-line marketing information and user opinions, and put forward reference opinions on the company's marketing strategy, after-sales service, etc.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in full-time unified enrollment, major in polymer materials and engineering, applied chemistry, and English is the main working language;

2. Experience in petrochemical industry, metal processing fluid, textile additives, industrial defoamer, surfactant, vehicle oil, chain oil, gear oil, medicine, feed and other fine chemical industries is preferred;

3. Good at communication, positive and outgoing personality, strong pragmatic execution;

4. Have good ability to communicate with guests through email, and be familiar with various skills of email writing. Be able to communicate face to face with foreign guests independently;

5. Familiar with foreign trade business operation process, foreign trade B2B, b2c sales experience is preferred;

6. Having customer resources is preferred.

Skill requirements: proficient in English

Working place: Unlimited

5、 Assistant R & D Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist in carrying out experiments, completing experiment records, and assisting engineers in completing project reports;

2. Assist in literature review and atlas analysis;

3. Complete the process optimization and pilot production data and record support work under the guidance of the director and engineer;

4. Keep the laboratory clean and tidy.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree, major in Applied Chemistry, materials and other related majors;

2. Have strong learning ability and active thinking;

3. Be self-motivated, serious and meticulous, and have good professionalism and professional ethics;

4. Working experience is preferred, and fresh graduates can be considered.

Working location: Dingyuan Salt Chemical Industrial Park, Chuzhou, Anhui

6、 Grease division - R & D director

Job responsibilities

1. Be responsible for product development and product improvement of lubricating grease and special oil;

2. Establish quality control specifications for raw materials, intermediates and finished products;

3. Formulate appropriate production processes for production, provide plans for production line construction and technological transformation, and improve production efficiency;

4. Select raw materials with excellent cost performance and develop competitive products;

5. Formulate enterprise standards for finished products and report to the provincial standards association for filing;

6. Mix samples for sales, test samples, and track trial samples;

7. For the feedback product problems, analyze and solve the problems of products or product applications with relevant technical sales personnel;

8. Analysis of competitors, on-site samples and comment results in order to expand the market;

9. Provide safety and technical training for new employees;

10. Ensure the safety and reliability of the laboratory and maintain a clean and orderly working environment;

11. Establish and implement the training mechanism of grease R & D team;

12. Other duties that should be performed as the R & D director of the grease business department.

Job requirements:

1. Major in chemical engineering, materials and other related majors, bachelor degree or above;

2. At least 8 years of experience in polymer synthesis formula development, able to independently compile formula and production process.

Working location: Nanjing Liuhe

7、 Grease R & D Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. Formulate personal work objectives and plans according to the work tasks assigned by the R & D director, implement them after review, and regularly report the work progress;

2. Assist the R & D director in the research and development of new products of lubricating grease products, the technical improvement of existing lubricating grease products, the screening of raw materials and the optimization of production process, technical support, etc;

4. Participate in the sample production and batch trial production of developed products, supervise the standardized production of lubricating grease, improve the production process, and be responsible for the preparation of complete product technical data;

5. Put forward suggestions on the problems encountered by customers in the selection and use of lubricating grease, and solve the problems encountered in the use of oil products. Work with technical service engineers to provide lubrication solutions for customers;

6. Be familiar with various standards of lubricating grease products and materials, establish laboratory test methods based on national standards, industrial standards and foreign standards, and complete the preparation of SOP;

7. Collect technical information in the field of lubrication industry, understand the information of lubricating grease raw materials and lubricating grease products at home and abroad, and track the product development trend of lubrication industry at home and abroad;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders in time.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in Applied Chemistry, materials and other related majors;

2. More than 3 years of relevant working experience, master's degree is preferred;

3. Be familiar with certain grease related knowledge, and have a certain understanding of grease products and market;

4. Strong observation, love product development, work actively, logical thinking ability and problem-solving ability.

5. Good communication and coordination skills.

Working location: Nanjing Liuhe

8、 Laboratory Inspector

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist to follow up the company's technical research and development work, develop new product formulas, and optimize existing product formulas;

2. Actively cooperate with the production department to ensure the feasibility of the formula in the production process;

3. Actively cooperate with the marketing department to follow up the demand and develop the product formula;

4. Be responsible for the technical data management of finished product testing records, oil sample testing, technology development, samples, after-sales, production documents, etc.

5. Other matters assigned by superior leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Major in chemistry and materials science, bachelor degree or above;

2. Strong hands-on ability, hard-working, team spirit;

3. Be able to adapt to the working environment of fine chemical industry and obey the work arrangement of leaders;

4. Work experience is unlimited, and excellent fresh graduates can be considered.

Position highlight: industry expert leader

Working location: Jiangsu Nanjing Liuhe Chemical Industry Park

9、 Sales Assistant

Job responsibilities:

According to the company's sales requirements, assist the sales director or key account manager in the following work:

1. Regular customer maintenance

2. New customer development

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. Unlimited majors;

3. Fresh students in 2022 or 2023

Location: Jianye District, Nanjing